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Discover how this innovation will transform both your business and your life.

The Perfect Sales Tool

Modern marketing has found the power of the internet, mobile phones, loyalty cards and recommendation.  FlexKom is the first system to unite all of these into a powerful network which attracts and keeps customers, increases sales and generates genuine long-term residual income. www.flexkom.com/567654

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FlexKom does not offer any physical products but a loyalty card using the internet and word of mouth – one focus of the business model is the five online portals (FlexShop, FlexOutlet, FlexDeal, FlexHoliday and FlexCall). Here, consumers can purchase products for daily use, household and health products, communication gadgets, travel, personal care products and much more at very favourable prices. The products offered are absolutely among the most popular, not just in UK world wide.

What is revolutionary or forward-looking about an online shopping portal, you might ask yourself.

The benefit to you and the customer is not points on a card, but hard cash on the loyalty card to be used in Flexkom shops or clubs locally and internationally.

Business Benefits To The Retailer and Clubs.

Single Loyalty Card Mechanism – Aimed at the local retailer.

Targeted At The Small Retail Business.

Start Local – Grow Global.

Rewards Turn To FlexCash – FlexCash Has A Monetary Value – New Zealand Bank Backed.

Effective Discounting.

Small Retailer Gets Hi -Tech facilities Through The Back Office.

Customer Loyalty Tied To Local Retailers Through the FlexKom Network.

Tested For Two Years In Turkey – By FlexKom.

Near Field Communications – Mobile Payments & Proximity Payment Facilities.

WiFi, RFID, Infrared & Linked Technologies.

Ability To “Target Your Market” Using Mobile Geo Targeting To FlexKom Members Local, UK, Internationally. Eg: Local Baker Has 10 Loaves At The Back End Of The Day. Sends An MMS/ SMS To Geographically close “FlexKom Members” 10 Loaves 50% Off..etc.

Extended Product Range Capabilities.

No more need for paper based flyer marketing – saves trees – genuine buyers matched to retailers geographically – reduced operational business cost.

Your local customers tell you what they want you to provide through the interactive e commerce platform.

See How FlexKom Works:  http://flexkomreview.org/

Or register on line with Flexkom and secure your place now free for 30 days before it increases.   http://flexkom.com /567654

Very simple

The FlexKom portals are only one aspect of the business model. The second focus that FlexKom brings forward in full is the combination of online and offline commerce through the affiliation of local retailers. This takes place in the form of loyalty cards, which customers can use at affiliated retailers to pocket large discounts. This produces a four-fold win-win-win-win situation for all groups involved. Customers receive discounts for their purchases at affiliated retailers. Retailers benefit from acquiring new customers. (What argument would be better than buying from a retailer who guarantees discounts on the products offered?)

Join free today @ www.flexkom.com/567654

Get in touch @ www.flexkomcentral.com or .co.uk

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