PinOpps is a Social Networking Community dedicated to Business Opportunities and Business Resources. The PinOpps mission is to help you receive the highest quality information about business opportunities and resources and connect with others to share and discuss ideas. We provide a safe, targeted, and productive environment for you to connect, share, learn and succeed.

Looking for Business Opportunities and Resources? PinOpps offers a variety of ways to help you find the best products, services, companies, software and business tools.

Promoting Business Opportunities and Resources? PinOpps helps you get your message in front of a large, targeted, and motivated audience of business opportunity seekers and entrepreneurs.

We have taken our knowledge of  internet marketing, web design, and social networking and mashed them all together to bring you the most targeted, flexible, and complete social networking site focused on business opportunities and business resources.

The PinOpps Portal consists of 3 main sites:

PinOpps Pinboard

Pin Your BizOpps…The PinOpps Pinboard, located on our main site at www.pinopps.com, is a social pinboard for business opportunities and resources.  You can  pin images and videos in a variety of ways, including upload, embed, and via our Pin It bookmarklet.  Just choose a category, create a board, and start pinning.  Very convenient and easy to use, this new type of social networking site is the latest popular way of getting your message out to the world.

You can also Follow other PinOppers and they can Follow you.  It’s a great way to keep up with what your friends and colleagues are pinning.  Register Now and Start Pinning Your BizOpps!  It’s FREE!

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PinOpps Pro

PinOpps Pro is a professional community we created for PinOpps members who wish to take their social networking experience on PinOpps to a whole new level. Create Groups, Create Forums, Create Blogs, send Private Messages, Chat (including private and chatrooms), post your Videos and Images, and much more.

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 PinOpps Promos

PinOpps Promos is an excellent marketplace for buying and selling products and services, quickly, easily, and safely.  Have a product, service, special talent or skill?  Need help with your website or social media campaigns?  Get help from others or earn a great extra income for helping others.  Post a Promo on PinOpps Promos Today!

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