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Mindset of a blogger focuses on how to make money with a blog. I provide a free eCourse that will help any blogger increase the amount of traffic they are getting to their blog.

I have been blogging since 2006 and in the past it has been made out to be simple - and in fact it is - you write quality, optimized content that people enjoy reading. The only trouble is so many people struggle to make money and usually that is because they have not considered keyword research and making sure they know who they are writing for.

Along with focusing on the mindset you need to succeed I also look at traffic generation tips, search engine optimization and other topics.

If you are interested in how to make money with a blog visit Mindset Of A Blogger and register to receive my free bootcamp ecourse.

I am a big believer in our mindset determining our results. Years ago as a teen and in my 20s I had to confidence and it affected my life and everything I did. Now I recognise that success online is as much about focus, commitment, consistency and desire as it is about how much you blog!

I have a site where I focus more on building self confidence if that is something you think will be useful when running your online business or just in life.

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Diane was my blog success support specialist. She had my back in the early days. I was there for her online success in a group of 700 paid subscribers. She offered them all 20 minutes of her quality time so they can get started and jump some hurdles. I would refer anyone business owner on Apsense seeking to buy good quality service to hit up Diane for their online needs.
 - cflo May 17th, 2011