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Dinner Detectives - Feb 28th 2024 11:28

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The Dinner Detectives is a series of Children’s Picture Books about food and culture. Join Clementine and Aksel as they discover the history behind their favorite foods. Discover how using the power of storytelling with Kids Picture Books your kids can explore things about history and culture.

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A Series of Children's Picture Books
Jun 1 2018 00:28

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I really like her books, which are good and meaningful books. Hope to have more books like this
 - phuongnamphat December 24th, 2018

Exceptionally nice....best benefit encounter ever. She is great at his work. I truly delighted in work .
 - navneet33 August 2nd, 2018

Maria is very passionate about her work and I recommend her picture book series. I wish her the best
 - decredico July 23rd, 2018


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Dinner Detectives Clementine and Aksel travel back in time and around the world, uncovering magical stories behind the food we eat every day.