Nice Connection, good knowledge. I wish him very best.
 - sanskaps May 21st, 2015

Hi Heard this "My name is Derek Ayre and I am a hypnotherapist , Zen practitioner and writer Although I have now semi-retired and no longer see clients in my office, I still keep my hypnotherapy website going to help and support others find solutions to their problems. "..on Apsense a rare Gem.. Derek to help others now.. "Through Zen I seemed to have "slipped ..I recommend Him..read his profile and benefit A RAREST OF GEMS
 - vpsmalhotra July 19th, 2014

Derek Ayre is Writer & Zen Practitioner and attached with CIAO You must join this website I m joining now its a big site ciao.co.uk I like Derek that he tell me about this site :) if you have refferal link of this site please message me. Waqar Ahmad
 - abbasfarooq February 16th, 2013

Derek has very interesting, inspiring & educational information and articles! He adds value & understanding to our changing world!
 - jwls October 27th, 2012

I enjoy reading the articles, insights, and various posts Derek has published here at ApSense. As a student of Zen and spiritual teachings, the concepts are fresh and enhance my current path of learning. Thank you Derek.
 - connieow May 18th, 2012

Derek is a man of ambition always looking for ways to improve upon his standard of living. He take keen interest in helping others achieve their goals. Thanks Derek for your amazing work!
 - bronzy99 December 2nd, 2011

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