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Born in South Wales in the UK, Derek is a Zen practitioner and hypnotherapist, but has gone into semi-retirement from seeing clients to follow his passion for writing and the Internet.

His newest latest project is a site about Places to visit in Wales,  where he is writing about his places well worth a visit in his homeland.

Derek also has a passion for music and plays piano and electronic keyboards. For several years, he played professionally. Click here to visit his piano blog.

He has kept his hypnotherapy site going to help and support those that are interested in knowing more about it.

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Nice Connection, good knowledge. I wish him very best.
 - sanskaps May 21st, 2015

Hi Heard this "My name is Derek Ayre and I am a hypnotherapist , Zen practitioner and writer Although I have now semi-retired and no longer see clients in my office, I still keep my hypnotherapy website going to help and support others find solutions to their problems. "..on Apsense a rare Gem.. Derek to help others now.. "Through Zen I seemed to have "slipped ..I recommend Him..read his profile and benefit A RAREST OF GEMS
 - vpsmalhotra July 19th, 2014

Derek Ayre is Writer & Zen Practitioner and attached with CIAO You must join this website I m joining now its a big site ciao.co.uk I like Derek that he tell me about this site :) if you have refferal link of this site please message me. Waqar Ahmad
 - abbasfarooq February 16th, 2013

Derek has very interesting, inspiring & educational information and articles! He adds value & understanding to our changing world!
 - jwls October 27th, 2012

I enjoy reading the articles, insights, and various posts Derek has published here at ApSense. As a student of Zen and spiritual teachings, the concepts are fresh and enhance my current path of learning. Thank you Derek.
 - connieow May 18th, 2012