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Do you know someone who drinks coffee? Of course you do.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet after water. It?s the second most traded commodity after oil. People drink coffee all day, every day in almost every country around the world.

But here?s a really powerful question. When was the last time you were paid every time someone enjoyed a cup of coffee? 
Welcome to Organo Gold. And welcome to a global groundbreaking movement that starts with Organo Gold coffee. From the ground to the cup. We?re a company that is working to improve people?s health, wealth and bring more balance into their lives thanks to the overwhelming power of Ganoderma ? an ancient Chinese herb that has been used for more than 4,000 years to enhance wellness.

By infusing gourmet coffee and an ever expanding product line with the power of the Ganoderma Lucidum herb, Organo Gold has scientifically developed a healthy alternative to regular coffee that not only tastes great, but makes people feel great. And that?s where you fit in.

Organo Gold is on a mission, spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma to the four corners of the world and partnering with thousands and thousands of people along the way. Using the cost effective network distribution system to deliver these Ganoderma products, more of every dollar is shared with our growing Organo Gold family world-wide.

Think about your future. Where will you and your family be in 5 years from right now? You may know where you want to be, but do you know how you are going to get there? Do you have a plan? Now more than ever it?s up to you to define your future. That?s where Organo Gold comes into the picture.

Organo Gold is a global family that is growing and thriving every day. A family that is caring and compassionate and believes that the knowledge of Ganoderma should be in the hands of people world-wide. It?s a family that cares about you.

Where Ancient China meets modern Science

Ganoderma truly is the mystery of the east revealed. In China it?s considered a national natural treasure. The Organo Gold China plantation is home to the 100 Percent Certified Organic Ganoderma.

What is Ganoderma?

In Cantonese, ?Lingzhi or Reishi?, is the name for one form of the mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum. It enjoys an honourable place in Asia, where it has been used as a medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 4,000 years. In China it?s known as the ?Miraculous King of Herbs?.  The scientific name "Ganoderma" is derived from the Ancient Greek   "bright shiny skin".  The word ?Lingzhi?, in Chinese, means "herb of spiritual potency" and has also been described as "mushroom of immortality".

Thanks to modern science and cutting edge technology, Organo Gold and our strategic partners have created 100 Percent Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum Capsules, Ganoderma Spore Powder, Ganoderma Mycellium Healthy Beverages, Nutrecuticals and Skin Care. And there is even more to come. Organo Gold is dedicated to maximizing the potential of Ganoderma with research, development and an ever expanding line of scientifically developed Ganoderma based products.

The processing plant for our Ganoderma based products is manufactured with GMP standards which are the highest in the world. The exclusive breakthrough is the ?Advanced Micro-Particle Technology? that is applied to the spore cell wall-breaking scientific process. This is the foundation that guarantees Organo Gold to be the world leader in 100 Per Cent Certified Ganoderma Lucidum.

The home of Ganoderma may be China, but thanks to Organo Gold and our growing team of worldwide distributors its story is now spreading to the rest of the world.

Why Organo Gold? Why now?

Market Trends

Organo Gold blends the unequalled power of Ganoderma with an unparalleled business opportunity that will allow you to capitalize in the ever expanding health and wellness industry. By positioning your Organo Gold business in front of worldwide aging trends it can be as big and successful as you want it to be. Whether it?s improved health, more time freedom or better wealth, Organo Gold can help you achieve your goals. As an independent Organo Gold entrepreneur we put you first.


Imagine living a life of health, abundance and freedom. Just imagine having access to products with the power of Ganoderma. Imagine how huge the world-wide market for these products can be. And now just think of how that can affect you. The Organo Gold exclusive sales compensation plan, our world-wide distribution system combined with the power of Ganoderma all add up to perfect timing.


A commitment to innovation has guided Organo Gold in the development of cutting edge Ganoderma products. Organo Gold was founded with an exclusive strategic alliance agreement with one of the largest certified Organic Ganoderma producers in the world. We are dedicated to maximizing the potential of Ganoderma with research, development and an ever expanding line of scientifically developed Ganoderma based products.


Organo Gold is truly a global brand and we?re rapidly expanding to other markets around the world. From your first day you?ll discover an industry leading sales and marketing staff and a customer support team dedicated to your success. Organo Gold is committed to bettering the lives of people around the world with Ganoderma. It is our mission to bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the planet. From the ground to the cup. One person at a time.


Organo Gold is about the empowerment of individuals through the strength of team work. Organo Gold?s industry leading compensation plan makes everything possible. It?s an innovative and generous plan that will reward you for leadership and commitment. The power of Organo Gold has already created incomes that have been life changing. It can change your life too.

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