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What is RCB



 We are a network marketing company with 2 seperate units. 

A 2x2 cycler that feeds a 2x4 non-splitting matrix creating residual income. 


This is the breakdown: 4 phases of 30 product sales.  Using our 2x2 cycler - 245 bodies create a downline of 1,920 by multiplying itself to your non-splitting 2x4 matrix creating over 6 positions for yourself.  When you complete all 4 phases - Your residual monthly income is a cool 60k plus a month and more. 


The best part is - it doesn't stop there - because your cycler never quits working - unless of course you do.


All this for $7.00 in the cycler and $20 in phase one.


The best part - you learn all the ins and outs to market online and show the world who you REALLY are.



To Your Success,

Catherine Verning

Skype Me: cathverning_74

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