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I am an Internet Marketer. I have owned a successful brick & mortar store for over 18 years. With the declining economy, I began looking for a way to supplement my income online. I have discovered some very valuable programs and have developed a solid marketing strategy which has my Internet Business headed in the right direction. When browsing my business center, you will find marketing tools, online programs, social networks, and a variety of products and services.

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This must be the background that has made Cathy such a treasure to work with. I have been on several projects with her over the years online and I will never cease to be impressed with her work ethic. You can't go wrong putting her on your team or joining hers.
 - oldbuddy February 22nd, 2012

I have a lot to say about my good Friend Cathy.We have known each other for a while now and if you should ever meet a person like Cathy yourself get seat belted because this young lady knows how to Market from Tube Socks to Mercedes Benz this Friend of mine is Amazing!!Cathy is very kind hearted and the best Friend anyone could ever ask for.In closing she has one of the greatest advertising minds of the 21st century Catherine thx for being my Friend :)
 - bnready August 3rd, 2011

I bumped into Catherine on StartXchange - a social surfing traffic exchange, where we both surf. At that time, I've already noticed that she's on APSense too. I just said hi then and I'm glad that she accepted my contact request here. It has been a few months since I started my online earning journey and I have found her inputs truly helpful and valuable. She's truly a gem. I believe that more online marketers should follow her example in her willingness to help others succeed. To Catherine, thank you so much. I consider it a good thing that I overcame my shyness that day I said hi to you on SX. ^_^
 - raincrystal April 18th, 2011

I became acquainted with Cathy White through ApSense just recently and I have found that she is always willing to take the time necessary to connect with and help others. Personally I have benefited from information regarding marketing on the internet both through her weekly newsletter as well as her blog. She is more than willing to take the time to mentor others with her positive attitude and cheerful outlook. I recommend to take the time to connect with Cathy as she is a beneficial associate with a down to earth approach to helping others. Corey Blackmur - ApSense Member
 - ezformula February 6th, 2011

I've known Catherine for a few months now and she will take the time to help anyone with honesty and integrity. She has led me in the right direction on my new internet venture and I consider her a true mentor to the newbie I am. Thank you Catherine for the patience and understanding you have given to me.
 - ellerich January 31st, 2011