Ivy Jordan VA - Shopify Virtual Assistant - Jul 24th 2021 07:33

About our Business

Your premier e-commerce virtual assistant. I have been in the virtual industry business since 2014. Ivy Jordan VA has been learning about upholding our client’s success and steer them towards their business objectives.

I will help you achieve your goals since the journey to success takes one step at a time. My mission is to provide the best service to keep our customers happy. My vision is to provide virtual technical and customer service to start-up and small business owners towards product and service success.   

Featured Products or Services

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Jun 3 2019 03:16

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Facebook Shopping Setup
Jun 3 2019 03:05

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Instagram Shopping Approval
Jun 3 2019 02:57

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Expert Shopify Setup
Jun 3 2019 02:14

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Advanced Shopify Setup
Jun 3 2019 02:11

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