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Let's face it: In this world/economy today it's really difficult to find work, make ends meet, pay bills - whatever your financial difficulties may be. We're all pretty much in the same boat, so we mite as well accept it, deal with it, & get on with our lifes as best we can, rite? We've got to do what we can to make ends meet, no matter how much or how little we choose to do! We make our own choices & get by as best we can! Me? Well:

I'm a stay home woman with 2 grown sons & am on disability due to scoliosis. I piddle with some GPT & Surf programs online to bring in a little extra cash [lower left] to supplement my income. I've also got some great EBooks up for grabs - all for under $20!

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Peer Gomez
Jul 31 2010 15:00

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Green Horse
Jun 27 2010 13:41

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