• 100 kg/h Floating Fish Feed Line
    Want to make floating fish feed for your tilapia? Start with our small fish feed pellet plant, we supply professional guidance and scientific fish feed formula.
  • Aquatic Feed Pellet Line
    This high grade pellet feed plant is designed for sinking aquatic feed pellets. We also provide floating feed pellet line.
  • 500kg/h Poultry Feed Pellet Line
    This small poultry feed pellet plant with capacity 400-600kg/h is ideal for small breeding farm or home use. With firm commitment to quality, we supply supreme quality poultry pellet feed line
  • Feed Pellet Grading Sieve
    Designed to sieve and grade feed pellets or the intermediate products after secondary crushing. Feed pellet grading sieve can also be used to clean the raw materials for pelletizing.
  • Feed Pellet Crusher
    Crushing is one of important parts in feed pellet line. By crushing, large feed pellets can be divided into different particle sizes in the certain range. Crushing has a direct impact on both the cost
  • SLHY Series Screw Ribbon Feed Mixer
    feed mixer is significant for feed pellet making, our feed mixing machine are of high efficiency, homogeneous mixing and low energy consumption features.
  • Double-shaft Efficient Mixing Machine
    feed mixer is significant for feed pellet making, our feed mixing machine are of high efficiency, homogeneous mixing and low energy consumption features
  • Feed pellet packing machine
    Feed pellet packing is the last step in complete feed pellet plant. This automatic packing machine can package pellets into bags with capacity 1-100kg. Also suitable for wood pellets, fertilizer granu
  • Feed Pellet Cooler
    Feed pellet cooling is necessary in a complete pellet plant. This counterflow pellet cooling machine is suitable for both feed pellet line and wood pellet line
  • Waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill
    This feed hammer mill is of waterdrop design which can efficiently grind materials, necessary mill equipment in animal feed pellet plant. The grinding fineness can be customized freely.
  • Feed Hammer Mill-A series
    This feed mill grinder can work independently for crushing various grains or together with feed pellet mill to make high quality animal feed pellets.
  • Wide Chamber Feed Hammer Mill
    The fine feed hammer mill is a necessary for aquatic feed pellet and poultry feed pellet production. High fineness and stable performance, grinding fineness can reach 50 mesh
  • Floating Fish Feed Extruder—wet type
    Wet type puffed feed extruder can not only product floating fish feed pellets but also for pet food. Single screw feed extruder design, easy operation
  • Floating Fish Feed Extruder-dry type
    Trying to make floating fish food for your own fish pond? Start with dry type fish feed extruder,pellets diameter is 0.9-15mm and floating time is ?12hrs.
  • Diesel Livestock Feed Pellet Mill
    Buy a small feed pellet mill for livestock is more cost-effective than buying expensive feed pellets. Try our flat die poultry feed pelletizer with easy operation
  • Electric Poultry Feed Pellet Mill
    Poultry feed is very important for breeding industry, but it is also troublesome to mix feed for the poultry every day. With the introduction of electric poultry feed pellet mill, now we can easily ma
  • Ring Die Poultry Feed Pellet Mill
    Different from flat die feed pellet mill mainly used for making pellets for their own animals, ring die poultry feed pelletizer is more efficient and suitable for industrial poultry feed pellets produ
  • Ring Die Aquatic Feed Pellet Mill
    whether you are planning to make animal feed pellets or aquatic feed pellets, Azeus feed mill equipment can meet your needs. This high grade aquatic feed pelletizer is expert in producing sinking feed