• Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill
    SWFL series ultra fine feed hammer mill is a new grinding device which applies to all sizes of feed plants. It can grind all grain products such as corn, broomcorn, wheat, rice, etc. after sieving, ir
  • 500 kg/h Mobile Wood Pellet Plant
    Mobile biomass pellet plant, also known as portable pellet plant, is used to process wood chips, tree branches, sawdust and other agricultural biomass materials into biomass pellets to satisfy the use
  • Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine
    Electric flat die feed pellet mill is ideal for feeding industry to make feedstuff pellets of livestock and poultry.Featured by easy operation and high flexibility, it is more suitable for home and sm
  • Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine
    The electric flat die pellet mill for making wood pellets is featured by low energy consumption and low noise.Small and light weight make it widely used in home,small farm,and light industrial.
  • Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine
    The flat die pellet mill with diesed diesel engine is qualified for making pellets for home and small industry use,especially popular in eletricity electricity lacking areas.
  • Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine
    This type ring die pellet mill can produce feedstuff pellets for poultry,livestock,fish, shrimps and other aquatics. Multi-layer conditioners to improve quality of aquatic feed pellets.
  • Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine
    This type of ring die pellet mill is used for large sale production of wood pellets which are used in home heating,industrial boilers ,large power plants and animal feeding.
  • Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine
    Floating fish feed pellet machine can make many kinds of floating feed pellet for different fishes such as: food fish,catfish,pet fish,shrimps,crab,eel and so on.