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I have been into Internet Marketing for almost ten years and have been very successful in building my Internet Businesses with the best in on-line Marketing, Advertising Platforms, Tools, Training and Resources.

My APSense Business Center site is designed to share with other On-line Entrepreneurs the exact Marketing, Advertising Platforms, Training, Tools and Resources that have brought me success, in that  they will also help you become successful marketers as well.

To Your Ultimate Marketing Success,

Al Silva  


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Jun 25 2013 00:11

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Never Seen Before ‘Video Marketing Platform’
Jun 24 2013 23:58

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Jun 24 2013 23:28

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Mr. Al Silva has many resources including "Mega Marketing Tools." He says when you join, "You'll instantly gain access to the many products and services that they offer. You'll learn offline and online marketing and computer skills through member training and gain access to a constantly expanding library." I heartily recommend him to you
 - toniville June 4th, 2013

Hi Al, Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about You and your business. I am proud to be connected and have you as a friend.
 - palo25 March 10th, 2012

Al Silva has been cooperative to me all the time. I love his marketing skills the way he present his products to the world is amazing because he is dedicated to his work. He is a very Good Leader and have the all possible qualities to Lead his entire network. I endorse his Marketing Skills and wish you all get benefit from him. I wish him Good luck and pray for his success.
 - isloooboy March 3rd, 2012


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