Wood pellet packing machine
Nov 25 2013 02:36
Wood pellet packing machine introductionAutomatic wood packing machine is advanced designed and manufactured bagging machine with PLC controlling technology adopted and accurate measure instrument equipped, thus it has high weighing precision, bagging speed and stable performance. The quantative bagging machine is broadly used in easy flow wood pellets, feed pellets and some powder materials with no corrosivity. Automatic wood weighing and packing machine plays the indispensible role in improving wood pelletizing efficiency.The features of wood pellet weighing & packing machine1. Advanced design and equipment, PLC controlling system, high automation in weighing and packing.2. Easy to operate, assemble and maintain; stable packing. 3. Clean and environmental friendly, accurate weighing and packing.4. Simple structure and flexible operation.More information about this machine: need or have any question, feel free to contact with:

Combined Wood Pellet Cooler
Nov 25 2013 02:34
Combined Wood Pellet Cooler IntroductionPellet cooling is one of the most important parts in biomass pellet production line. Combined wood pellet cooler adopts novel horizontal design and integrates biomass pellet cooling and sieving. The induced air enters first, then cold air accesses the cooling chamber constantly thus guarantees efficient pellet cooling. Integrated pellet cooler can cool down sawdust pellets fast as well as sieve out wood powder or incompetent pellets at a time, thus becomes a welcome cooling equipment in small, medium or household wood pellet production; For the large capacity biomass sawdust drying, rattler drum dryer can be tailored here.Horizontal Wood Pellet Cooling and Sieving Machine Features1. Adjustable speed system ensures low impulsion and reliable operation.2. Unique sliding valve and discharging unit ensures stable cooling and smooth discharging.3. Closed steel coverage reduces the noise pollution, easy installation and maintenance.4. High cooling efficiency and wood pellet hardness can be improved.5. Especially suitable to expanded and extruded pellets cooling and sieving, ideal for medium and household wood pellet production.More information about this machine: need or have any question, feel free to contact with:

Counter Flow Pellet Cooler
Nov 25 2013 02:32
Counter Flow Pellet Cooler IntroductionCounter flow cooler is the basic tool in cooling pellet fuel for convenient package, transport or storage. It has large cooling capacity from 3 ton to 20 ton per hour and is specially fit for industrial biomass pellet production line. The reasonable structure and counter-flow principle guarantees that wood pellets are cooled evenly and sufficiently.Counter Flow Biomass Pellet Cooler Characteristics1. Adopt advanced counter flow cooling principle, preventing the cold air direct contact with hot pellet in case of pellet fuel surface cracking.2. Latest octagon cooling bin design ensures even and sufficient cooling; no cooling dead corner.3. Equipped with slide valve reciprocating type discharging device, ensures stable and reliable running and little residues.4. Adopt closed air entry system, enlarge the area of inlet air, ensure efficient cooling effect, avoid cross contamination.5. Low energy consumption, low broken rate and easy operation.6. There is cooler with turnover type discharging device to choose, equipped with hydraulically controlling system, suitable for pressed and expanded pellets.More information about this machine: need or have any question, feel free to contact with: 

Wood Hammer Mill
Nov 25 2013 02:26
Wood Hammer Mill IntroductionWood hammer mill is the most widely applied grinding machine in wood processing industry, and its extensive recognition and popularity lies in the scientific structure. Our wood hammer mill is innovatively designed in the space between hammers and rotors, which makes sure hammers are perfectly protected from metal and other hard residue entry. For grinding wood materials, wood hammer mill tends to welcome to crush soft and small materials such as tree branches, straws, herb, crop stalks, etc. whose diameter is less than 50mm. It has great crushing efficiency and can ensure the end materials diameter of 3mm-5mm. Advantages of Sawdust Hammer Mill?Hammer is cast through new technology, ensuring wear resistance and impact resistance.?Both coarse and fine grinding can be realized through adjusting the gap between hammer and screen.?Equipped with air blower, the crushed sawdust can be collected and transported to wood pelleting process directly.?Particle size can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers.?The seal structure avoids dust pollution and ash leakage.?Compact structure, low consumption and low rate of wear parts; uniform crushing effect and convenient maintenance make wood hammer mill an upgraded product.More information about this machine: need or have any question, feel free to contact with:

Drum wood chipper machine
Nov 25 2013 02:24
Drum wood chipper instructionDrum wood chipper features a large, motor-powered drum located at the center of the machine. It is a dedicated device producing quality wood chips for energy generation and wood pulp industry. Thatís why it is popular in places where wood chips used as the starting material for further production like wood pellet plant, particleboard mill, fiberboard factory, biomass power plant, etc. The chipping materials are of great variety such as wood, stalk or straw, etc. Our wood drum chipper is extremely robust and scientifically designed which can transfer wood materials into uniform and high quality chips.Spotlights of drum wood chipper? Large chipping capacity from 3 ton to 30 ton for your reference.? Wide range of chipping materials such as wood, wood wastes; non-wood straws, etc.? Robust chipper structure and high strength steel plate & knives, durable and good performance.? Adjustable wood chips size, low noise and energy consumption.Besides, wood chippers blades or knives also make contributions to good chips production.Chipping knives made of special steel guarantees the high standard of --Resistance of abrasion and bad wearing --Resistance of different materials fed in--Raw materials proper heating and quality control.More information about this machine: need or have any question, feel free to contact with: 

Wood Pipe Dryer
Nov 24 2013 19:39
Wood Pipe Dryer IntroductionSawdust pipe dryer, also known as flash pipe dryer, has broad application in drying various biomass materials (diameter? 3 mm, length? 5 mm) like rice husk,wood sawdust and crushed branches, pieces, etc. by direct heating. It covers little space since the installation can be pulled down, thus it enjoys wide popularity for relatively smaller industrial workshop. The humid wood sawdust and high temperature air flow concurrently and then moisture is separated from sawdust. Flash dryer is applied in a myriad of industrial fields such as wood pellet, food, feed, chemistry, drugs and mining, etc.Sawdust Flash Dryer Features?High drying strength. Thanks to the high airing speed, wood sawdust spreads evenly and has large drying area;thus has high heat transferring strength.?Short drying time. The contacting time of wood sawdust and air is quite short and drying time lasts 0.5-5 seconds. For those heat sensitive or low melting point materials, pipe dryer will never destroy them and affect their quality.?High heating efficiency. Biomass materials and air are flowing concurrently, thus the temperature of materials and air can reach a reasonable state; drying moisture content of sawdust or rice husk from 35% to 10% when the air is 180?(always above 180?).?Wide application, high drying efficiency; simple structure and space saving; little investment and maintenance cost.?Optional hot air sources: oil stove, gas stove, coal stove or vapor heat exchange.More information about this machine: need or have any question, feel free to contact with:

Rotary Drum Dryer
Nov 24 2013 19:37
Rotary Drum Dryer Brief Introduction As a traditional drying machine, rotary drum dryer is an industrial welcome dryer machine employed to reduce or minimize the moisture content of sawdust or wood chips. Rotary drum dryer has wide application to various biomass materials like sawdust, wood shavings and agricultural straw. Reasonable structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption and convenient for transportation makes sawdust dryer stand out among wood material drying equipment.Sawdust Cylinder Dryer Characteristics ?High heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency.?Strong overloading capacity resistance, large process load, low fuel consumption and low cost.?The product moisture can be dried less than 8% and the granularity should be less than 8mm. ?The operation of the rotary drum is stable and reliable.?Fully automatic control, large drying capacity from 0.5-2.5ton per hour.?High temperature(?700?) resistance ensures efficient drying.More information about this machine: need or have any question, feel free to contact with: 

wood chipper machine
Nov 24 2013 19:31
Get to know wood chipper machine Wood chipper machine is also known as wood slicer and tree chipper which is an important device in wood material processing industry. Wood slicer machine mainly uses wood logs, large branches, brushwood, wood slab, waste veneer, bamboo, etc. as materials and processes them into wood pieces s or slices with certain specifications. Our wood chipper machine can be divided into disc wood slicer and drum wood chipper, customers can make their own decisions based on raw materials, budgets and other specific requirements. Disc wood chippping machine instructionDisc wood chipper machine is named for the disc plate with blades attached. It is a specially designed and easily operated wood chipping machine. Disc wood chipper can produce supreme quality wood chips for wood pellet factory, paper mill, wood shaving mill, fiberboard factory and wood pieces base. The finished wood slices are with uniform length,low breakage and flat incision. Our disc wood chipper can be made in fixed type and movable type, thus it is convenient to use. Disc tree chipper machine advantages?Wood slices or chips length is adjustable and thus disc wood chipper has wide application in wood pellet making, papermaking, fiberboard, wood shavings industry, etc.?Low-voltage motor or high-voltage motor for preference. Belt conveyor can be equipped for large capacity wood chips processing.?Raw materials are of variety such as log, branch, bamboo, limb, cotton stalk, slab, wood leftovers, etc.?Compact structure,large capacity and high quality wood chips, but low electricity consumption and noise.?Disc blades are made of alloy steel or stainless steel; NSK or SKF bearings; robust and durable.More information about this machine: need or have any question, feel free to contact with: 

Wood Crusher
Nov 22 2013 19:13
Wood Crusher IntroductionBased on wood processing industrial development and special requirements, wood crusher has become the dedicated device for wood crushing procedure in biomass pellets and briquettes production line. It integrates wood materials chipping and crushing, and is specially designed to crush branches, stem, wood logs, square blocks, wood staff, etc. for further processing. The raw material diameter should be less than 200mm, and the moisture content of 30-50%. The crushed sawdust is with diameter of 3-5mm, which is perfect for pelletizing. We offer customized single or combined movable wood crushing machine for wood pelleting plant or paper producing factory.CE Approved Wood Crusher Features?Versatile in crushing wood branches and stems as well as cellulosic materials like bamboo, agro stalk, corn straw.?Multifunctional. It integrates wood materials chipping and crushing, thus saves much labor and energy; while for some large materials, chipping is necessary before crushing.?Driven by only one motor, ensuring low noise and energy consumption.?Adopts self-feeding device, safe crushing; small floor coverage makes it convenient to move.?Multilevel crushing process and finely processing principle are adopted to create huge impact force, so that it has high crushing efficiency to bring fine and even sawdust. ?Optional in customization of wood crushing power and capacity.More information about this machine: need or have any question, feel free to contact with: 

Diesel Wood Pellet Mill
Nov 22 2013 19:08
Diesel Wood Pellet Mill IntroductionDiesel wood pellet machine is popular among household or small scale solid pellet fuel production. Powered by diesel engine, itís a great alternative for electricity lacking areas in pellet fuel production. The compact structure makes it portable for pressing wood pellets at home, on the farm, in the yard or forest or any other open air places. This mini diesel wood pellet mill can process pellet fuel from a variety of raw material including wood chips and sawdust, straw, sunflower husk, biomass, stalk, etc. without adding any additive. Diesel Biomass Pellet Press Characteristics ?It adopts screw-center adjusting pressure structure and accelerating-decelerating device to change pelletizing speed.?Adjustable gap among pressing rollers to meet different materials demand and ensure high quality wood pellets.small capacity diesel pellet mill?No limit to pelletizing places, both indoor and outdoor pelletizing are available.?High quality alloy steel material for gears, durable and stable performance.?Popular in electricity lacking areas; wide application to small scale pellet production plant or home.?Visible pelletizing chamber, simple structure, easy operation, energy saving and high capacity. Diesel Engine Wood Pellet Mill Merits1.Unlike electric flat die wood pellet mill,diesel pellet mill applies in places where electricity cost is high or some rural areas where electricity is inconvenient to use. Small room occupation and easy moving make it the first option in open wood pelletizing areas.2. It can process biomass materials like maize straws, peanut shell, rich husk, sawdust, weeds, forestry wastes and many other wastes into high density pellets for industrial or home heating.3. Diesel biomass pellet press is also suitable for raw materials with low adhesion rate, but without additives for pelletizing.More information about this machine: need or have any question, feel free to contact with:

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