• Wood pellet packing machine
    Automatic wood packing machine is advanced designed and manufactured bagging machine with PLC controlling technology adopted and accurate measure instrument equipped, thus it has high weighing precisi
  • Combined Wood Pellet Cooler
    Pellet cooling is one of the most important parts in biomass pellet production line. Combined wood pellet cooler adopts novel horizontal design and integrates biomass pellet cooling and sieving.
  • Counter Flow Pellet Cooler
    Counter flow cooler is the basic tool in cooling pellet fuel for convenient package, transport or storage. It has large cooling capacity from 3 ton to 20 ton per hour and is specially fit for industri
  • Wood Hammer Mill
    Wood hammer mill is the most widely applied grinding machine in wood processing industry, and its extensive recognition and popularity lies in the scientific structure.
  • Drum wood chipper machine
    Drum wood chipper features a large, motor-powered drum located at the center of the machine. It is a dedicated device producing quality wood chips for energy generation and wood pulp industry.
  • Wood Pipe Dryer
    Sawdust pipe dryer, also known as flash pipe dryer, has broad application in drying various biomass materials (diameter? 3 mm, length? 5 mm) like rice husk,wood sawdust and crushed branches, pieces, e
  • Rotary Drum Dryer
    As a traditional drying machine, rotary drum dryer is an industrial welcome dryer machine employed to reduce or minimize the moisture content of sawdust or wood chips. Rotary drum dryer has wide appli
  • wood chipper machine
    Wood chipper machine is also known as wood slicer and tree chipper which is an important device in wood material processing industry. Wood slicer machine mainly uses wood logs, large branches, brushwo
  • Wood Crusher
    Based on wood processing industrial development and special requirements, wood crusher has become the dedicated device for wood crushing procedure in biomass pellets and briquettes production line.
  • Diesel Wood Pellet Mill
    Diesel wood pellet machine is popular among household or small scale solid pellet fuel production. Powered by diesel engine, itís a great alternative for electricity lacking areas in pellet fuel produ
  • Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine
    Flat die wood pellet mill is such a machine to press super & high yield wood pellets with incredible price. It is not only reasonably designed but also versatile in pressing quite a myriad of biomass
  • Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine
    Ring die wood pellet machine is specially designed for pressing combustible materials into solid wood pellets.
  • 500kg Per Hour Mobile Wood Pellet Plant
    Wood pellet plant is a complete set of wood pelletizing equipment which processes wood and agro waste materials into the superior pellet fuel.