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A quote just jumped out. Henry Gold is a marketer I read, he said business: "is BASED on hard work, persistence, vision and constant improvement on a daily basis."
Have the scams, the preposterous income promises, the run-arounds and dead-ends "got your goat"? Hi, I'm Patsy j. Although I'm fairly new to learning internet marketing, I'm not new to the on-line world. I've learned many lessons through "the school of hard-knocks" and would like to share my experiences with you. I've met many like-minded members here at APSense, and am looking forward to meeting other motivated and goal-orientated marketing members to enhance their experience at APSense.
I'm also looking for outside people to join APSense and learn how exciting and beneficial to marketing out program is!

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My flowers and plants, water?
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I have known patsy for a long time now, a lot longer than I think she even realizes. In all honesty patsy is one of the most genuine, sincere, and hard working business professionals out there. In all my years of knowing her I have never had her pitch a scam at me, or fall for any of the traps. She is consistent in building connections and tries very hard. Follow her, join her, be like her - doing so will take you places.
 - viraladmin December 11th, 2015

She is a very experienced Affiliate Marketer. But most important thing is she is a very friendly and helpful person. I wish her all the success !!!
 - kbrules March 4th, 2015

Impressive resources and an experience beyond the average people
 - earnwithjan November 9th, 2014

Patsy, is very good at helping people with Skype. She knows based on her experiences how to help people retrieve there accounts if they have been compromised. She is very passionate and understanding in situations like these. Keep up the great work Patsy. Kay
 - kayb November 25th, 2012

Patsy is one of the busiest people I know online. I met her through a common friend who introduced me to their group in TE Therapy. I'm glad I've met her and am eager to know more about what she has to offer.
 - raincrystal August 16th, 2011