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Why would someone want to become active consumer? Netcox.com consumers will have available different Advertisers, Merchants, and Vendors, a lot of free offers, free services and coupons. What is the purpose of NetCox? Netcox.com purpose is to encourage consumers to bring more consumers by paying them $5.00 for each Active consumer. What is active consumer? Consumer activates the account with 1 time Activation Fee and Account stays Activated until the first Payout. Each payout deactivates account considering consumer stopped activities. Account deactivation is for consumer's protection and preventing misuse. When ever consumer wants to activate account again he/she just does that with activation fee. Why account deactivates at first payout? Deactivation at payout is for consumer protection. Payout is usually sign that consumer might be leaving and someone else might take over the account misusing consumers name and data. Why would someone want to pay activation fee? Activation fee enables access to earnings. NetCox pays you $5.00 for every active consumer your recruit. Everyone who is member of any social network can make $50 in a day and much more in a week. Payouts are generated on several levels from your down lines. How do I activate my account? You can log into your account and click on Pay at the top and at next page you can choose to pay with Credit Card, Paypal, Alertpay or Liberty Reserves. How do I get paid for my activities? Through Paypal, Alertpay or Liberty Reserve which you submit at signing up or later while you are logged in account.