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My main business is designed to compliment anything else someone may be doing.

We are all familiar with the traditional network marketing companies.  We have grown accustom to expensive autoships and working our tails off to reach customer acquisitions and levels that most people would never ever obtain in their careers with said companies.

The Bold Approach...TBA for short is breaking the rules when it comes to that.  Things are still the same when it comes to having a product and referring people to your business. 

The rules change after that.

TBA has none of those barriers to deal with.  The cost to do business is low. 

There are no products to inventory, stock, receive, ship, switch to, try on, eat, drink, acquire a taste for, or carry around in the trunk of the car as samples.
NO complex compensation pay plan with positions to attain, expensive memberships, expensive autoships, qualifications, time restrictions, or customer acquisitions in order to get paid.

If you like ebooks and shopping with discounts then...


Even if you don't...still watch the video.  It won't hurt.

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