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How does 0mlm work?

We give you 5 websites with free domains & free hosting in different business sectors: Entertainment, dating, gaming, finance and literature. You earn from digital product sales, affiliate systems and advertising upto 5 levels deep.
The MLM theory
The idea of multi level marketing is fantastic. You tell 5 people who tell 5 people for 5 levels and if you do the maths you get 3,905 people working for you. Then you want to make a small amount of money from each person every month. Just $1 from each person each month would pay you a huge $46,860 per year. Sounds amazing right? I'm afraid it just doesn't work like that. Most MLM systems are paid which means to get someone new to sign up you have to convince them to spend $10 (or more) per month. As soon as you charge the effort in getting new sign ups becomes immense. Your MLM system should explode like a nuclear device, but instead it splutters like a 50 year old diesel engine!

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Traffic is critical to your 0mlm business. We have partnered with a number of sites that can help you get started.

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