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Here at Paez’s 2 Cents worth, We are about you, Yes, we are going to give tips and info on just about everything you can imagine. If it is not covered now it will be in the near future, from making a great income to health info for you and you pets as well.

Many of us deal with stress every day and a lot of us have accepted this as a simple fact of life – very sad when you think about it. We go on holidays to relax and every now and then we will have a quiet evening in where we put our feet up and read a book – but these are really only brief bits of respite in between the daily grind of stress. Is this really the way life is meant to be?

Most of us would argue that no – life clearly isn’t supposed to be filled with this much stress and it’s actually very much a product of our society that should go. We have better technology than ever before allowing us all to achieve more quickly – so what is it that we are driving ourselves toward? Apart from anything else stress just isn’t good for you in extended doses – the amount of strain it places on your heart and immune system leaves you susceptible to colds and potential heart problems/high blood pressure, while the cortisone released can over time cause damage to the hippocampus in the brain.

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Nice job Ron! Please visit my blog, you may find something you like.
 - ebookfreezone June 21st, 2009

Hi Nice work !
 - 8051555 September 27th, 2007

Wow Ron, you did a great job on your site! Very informative.
 - magicdoll September 22nd, 2007

Hello Ron Nicely done front page. Your banner on your affliliate page for the 10,000 opt in leads doesn't display so you may want to just post your link there. I would also utilize your products and services page as you can add pictures of your products etc. Blessings Collette
 - collette August 10th, 2007


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