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by Popa Lilian Liber Profesionist
Popa Lilian Advanced   Liber Profesionist
With over 65 years of combined in depth knowledge and market familiarity, we became we have decided to make 2012 the year that we expand our operations to the Internet as well as into new markets which include Gold, Bonds, Forex , Stocks trading , Hedge funds and private investment funds.

We are very fortunate in that we are operated by a group of financial specialist and experts who are extremely experienced in the current investment market to deliver an all inclusive and highly proficient service aimed at meeting the expectations of all of our members.
The protection of our member's funds and personal information are our top priortity.
We utilize all the protective measures we can such as a completely dedicated server with DDOS Protection and a mirror backup server to guarantee and assure your continued earning with us.
May 19th 2012 15:27


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