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We've Got to Learn so much with this Online Marketing "Thing"

by Ibrahim Siddiq Consulting, Online Marketing,
Ibrahim Siddiq Innovator   Consulting, Online Marketing,
There is a lot to learn with online marketing. One thing I've learned - the hard way - is to begin slowly but with purpose.

It is so very easy to spend and lose time and effort joining every program and opportunity that comes in one's inbox. While some are free, we always see the options to upgrade. In many cases, that "upgrade" becomes cost intensive.

While it's always good to start with free, and eventually one will have to pay something, it is important - at least in my very limited experience - to focus to one or two - preferably related programs rather than drown trying to do everything.

I just learned this lesson with a bitter taste still with me, not because I was in a bad program, but simply because I was not focused. So . . . focus now on the basics and the basic for me right now is learning to build a list. . . .
May 12th 2012 15:40


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