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If we don't build contact lists, we will not achieve success

by Ibrahim Siddiq Consulting, Online Marketing,
Ibrahim Siddiq Innovator   Consulting, Online Marketing,
I've had to re-start my online marketing efforts. I've joined really good programs with good training and resources. But I realized that I was not building contacts and without contacts, one will not realize the potential success for his / her program, no matter how good it will be.

So, I've re-focused my efforts on list building. I do have some good advertising resources, which I will share also, but right now, I'm working on building my contact list. One resource I'm using is Prospect Geyser. Down to earth people . . . practical training and tips . . . doesn't eat a whole in one's budget . . . and you can actually get started for free.
May 12th 2012 14:19
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leads are important to get business and grow your down line.
Jun 21st 2012 21:31   
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