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Who has the most unusual pet name?

by Julieann Buckner Pet Protector Distributor
Julieann Buckner Junior Pet Protector Distributor

May 11th 2012 22:19


Larisa Biyuts Freshman   writer, translator, poet, blogger
my kitty's name cannot be called unusual, merely, she seems to dislike it, and I can't find a new name which she would accept and love. I named her Sophie Sunshine.
May 21st 2012 00:32   
Ken Professional    ***
I had a cat called mernipta named after an egyptian Pharo i just called him merni for short :P
Jul 2nd 2012 08:20   
Susan Shuman Advanced  Freelance Writer
I have a cat named Nadyzhda Brunovna Shumanovski. We call her Nadia for short. Her nickname is "The Nadz."
Sep 15th 2012 09:01   
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