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Channeling Your Fear

by Valerie Hasara Marketing, Web Designer, Owner
Valerie Hasara Magnate I   Marketing, Web Designer, Owner
What are your prospects afraid of?

Many of the ads that get posted here and I try to delete are all about fulfilling desires – like the desire for greater wealth, better health, more fulfilling and more enduring relationships, the respect or even the envy of peers, and so on.

But every benefit is just one side of a coin; the other side is a fear.

Why? Because you desire all these things, you also fear NOT having them in your life. You fear poverty and dependence … illness and pain … being abandoned and left alone, and being thought little of.

Sales copy that promises to deliver a much-desired benefit and alleviate a nagging fear can be twice as effective as copy that focuses on benefits alone.

So what fear makes you act?
Feb 26th 2012 08:30


Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
What I fear is the expectation that anything new is going to end up in the ditch, like so many have in the past. As much as it would be nice, there are NO governing bodies looking at what happens online and even when programs go down and take THOUSANDS of dollars from unsuspecting suckers with no attempt to arrive at a fair solution, there is little recourse available. I will get to fulfilling my dreams on my own schedule, which gives me more time for prudence.
Feb 26th 2012 16:59   
Valerie Hasara Magnate I   Marketing, Web Designer, Owner
I understand that is why I like to be 100% in the drivers seat. If I go down it is my ditch. There is so much people can do on there own. Learn and make your own way. I have a friend making up to $10,000 a month on google ads. But... every other month google changes how they do things. So he has to rebuild every other month.
Feb 27th 2012 18:42   
Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
If that's pure profit after expenses, I wouldn't mind rebuilding every other month. Once he has the skills and resources, he knows it can be done and that's half the battle.
Feb 27th 2012 19:42   
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