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by Robert Bridge Social Media Management, traffic to website, searc
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This week in the Hostgator news letter you will find they reveal the ability to easily create an MSN blog. I made a post about it earlier this week whereby the new applications and buttons to use are explained and introduced they say this will take effect in the next couple of weeks.
The thing to understand is HTML5 and the ability to design websites by dragging and dropping, highlighting sections of the blog and editing then adding to Cpanel. There are many free editors online which offer this facility. But that ability to do it all through Hostgator and then upload to the domain is very very good and will reduce the time it takes to move files between your own server and the Cpanel host during the editing process.
One other possible reason this might seem appealing is security, especially if you use Wordpress, this is another hot topic revealed this week. With a few simple adjustments hopefully you can prevent people hacking into your site or blog by doing these simple things. 
Perhaps I am not the best advocate of these tips because his week I did not apply these strategies when creating a forum. Within one day someone had joined and made themselves admin of the forum, this is my first forum so I am really not sure and it has restricted me from approving posts mine included. If anyone with forum experience here in the MSN Silverlight Expression has any tips on making a Forum vibrant and full of content for users to engage I will best appreciated and would invite you to contact me here on Apsense or send me a message through micro-site APSense Me.
Jun 18th 2011 11:33

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Robert Bridge Advanced   Social Media Management, traffic to website, searc
Here is the link to check if you have good security of your Wordpress site
Jun 18th 2011 11:38   
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