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by Olsen Will
Olsen Will Innovator  
When I decided to write a US Free Ads review, I knew that the best course of action would be to tell the reader what I had experienced and how it can benefit them.

Here I present my experiences.

I had heard quite a few positive things about US Free Ads when I decided to try out their service, after all, the ability to cancel anytime was readily available, so I felt at ease with parting with a months subscription fee.

I found it very easy to set up and I was able to create ads within a few minutes of starting to sign up.

The packages on offer included a free, but very limited option that would allow me to post ads but not include my all important back link. A year subscription that would let me run 25 ads at any one time and include my back link. There was also a monthly option that allowed me to post unlimited ads and offered options such as PayPal pay now buttons etc.

At first I chose the yearly option, because I thought that the 25 ads would be enough for my needs.

After joining I set about writing my first ad.

I found the dashboard very easy to navigate and full of options such as the ability to write the ad in HTML mode (useful for back links) and to post pictures to my ads.

There was also a featured ad option that I used for one of my ads to see if there was a difference in traffic.

I created several ads and one featured ad, posted them and left them to their own devices till the morning.

I checked my stats the next day and was quite frankly bowled over by the results!

My ads had all received traffic and the all important clicks on my back links.

Though to be honest the featured ad did receive more traffic by a noticeable amount, all my ads received traffic and back link clicks

The stat reporting is also detailed on US Free Ads and updates very quickly. I have noticed no major delays on reporting and would like to say it is very close to instant, but I can not be 100% certain of that, so I will rest at saying it is VERY quick.

I have experienced excellent traffic from US Free Ads and have since opted to subscribe to the monthly unlimited package purely based on the results I have received from my ads. My philosophy on this matter is more ads equals more traffic equals more sales.



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