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Free marketing resources - How to

by Allan Haastrup Networker
Allan Haastrup Senior   Networker
When you start marketing online you see ads all over the place talking about free marketing, and yes, there is a LOT of marketing to be done out there for free,

What's so grea about free marketing?

Sadly however a lot of it can be a total waste of time.

Luckily however, there is a lot of free advertising that is good advertising.

Some of the better resources, I've listed below:

If you're not familiar with safelists, let me give a brief introduction:
Safelists are "mailing lists of members who opt-in to receive email
ads from other members of the same safelist
When the safelist members wiew each others websites advertised in the safelist emails,  they receive ad credits
which allows them to post their own offer, program, or opportunity to
the list. That is the reason safelists work, because people are actually viewing each others websites.
You can even make money with safelists if you refer people who upgrade. Some safelists do require that you're an upgraded member yourself in order to earn a commission from your referrals upgrades.
Safelists require two emails from their members: Contact and and List email. The contact email is generally for the paid solo ads and also for communications from the owner (admin) of the safelist, it will not get too many emails. The list email is for all the ads from the other members. This email address will get hamered with emails. Only use these two emails for these purposes, don't use them for any type of private email.
Before you start signing up for safelists, go create these two email acounts at gmail. The reason I recommend gmail is because they don't filter out any mails. They will sometimes put them in your spam folder, but you can alsways check the spam folder, and tell gmail that this mail is not spam. From then on they will put it in your inbox
Click here for a list of the best safelists

Traffic Exchanges
A traffic exchange (or TE for short) is like the safelist, just webbased. Meaning that each member surfs the other members websites and easrns the credits that way. They can use these credits to have the other members of the TE to visit their site.
Again, since everyone is viewing each others websites the TE's work because sometimes you find an interesting website that you'll signb up for, or even buy from.
As with safelists you can earn both money and credits from referring people to the safelists you're a member of.
Click here for a list of the top safelists:

Social Networks
Places like APSense, Facebook, IMfaceplate, Twitter, and myspace are getting more and more attention these days, because every human being wants to be social, and likes to have comments on the pictures of their new pet or child or birthday greetings.
This makes the social networks platforms for a great number of people, ready for your marketing. However, you need to do it the correct way.
The verious ways differ for each social network, but in general it's a matter of connecting with likeminded people, and helping them grow.

Blogging is a terrific way of geting traffic, and when people comment on your blog it's a good sign that you've got something they want.
Again, you've got to add value to peoples lives and not just bitch, moan and complain about your life in general, people don't want to read about that.
Click here to read an article about geting results from your blog
There are quite a few blog platforms out there, some of the more popular ones are:

This list of free resources are definately not exhaustive and if you're familiar with other online resources that produce good results, please let me know and I'll be happy to add them to the list.
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