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by Damodaran K raman freelancer
Damodaran K raman Senior   freelancer
 We Create and Build Brands Together!!ConceptIts simple but interesting concept, get rewards for zero investment and for no buying/selling of products; on top of it you see ads of your interest, read only positive news, participate in quiz etc. It is true fact, whether advertisement is of our interest or not, we see ads of companies? products and services in our personal time and unless we buy, we do not get any thing in return.It has been noted that negative news is being highlighted and given importance most of the time, due to this fact positive news, creative works etc are being ignored.General knowledge (GK) and Intelligent Quotient (IQ) is become one of the most important part for our career growth, we need to keep updated ourselves for matters related with our profession.Keeping the above facts in mind, we have created the portal for you where you sees ads of your interest, get to read only positive news, participate in quiz directly linked with your profession etc and you are rewarded for it.The value of reward is unbelievable because we have used the technique in which you are being rewarded even when others are seeing ads of their interest etc.Once you are happy with the concept and want to maximize your reward, simply refer this portal to your near and dear ones without any obligation on your part.How to JoinFirst register your self- Its FREE and needs only an E-mail ID and a Computer.Once you are registered and login with your e-mail ID, Software filters ads & display which match with your Profile like Age, Gender, Nationality etc and Interests like Education, Bargain deals, Technology, Branded Products, Fashion etc, means you see only those ads which directly or indirectly add value to your knowledge, shopping etc.Once you are happy with the  services of the website and refer it to your near and dear ones, and when they see the ads, you are rewarded with GIFT POINTS. When your near and dear one refer it to their near & dear one and they see the ads, you are rewarded even with more gift points. You keep getting gift points till 8th referral.register here
Nov 4th 2010 00:19


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