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BioMime Branch - Drug Eluting Stent (DES) - Meril Vascular Intervention

by Snehal Mehta Medical Professional
Snehal Mehta Advanced Medical Professional
Proven benefits of BioMime, now available a dedicated bifurcation stent system. An intuitive design for treating bifurcations lesions.

Treating Bifurcation lesions with multiple stents can be a long and complex procedure.

Biomime BranchTM is a Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System with an ultra-thin 65 µm strut thickness. This next generation SES has a Novel Hybrid Design with a Proximal Main Branch anchoring segment and a Distal tapered Side Branch segment. The two segments are joined through an advanced “Flexi Connector Technology” for continuous access and protection of side branch. The design offers ease of implantation and complete main vessel stent integration.

Due to the Step-Up Ballon System: The main branch and side branch segments get deployed at one go which reduces the overall procedural time and complexity of multiple hardware usage.

Post branch deployment, the main branch segment can be stented as a regular stent procedure.
Jul 2nd 2019 05:21


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