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Freedom – Total Knee Replacement (TKR) – Meril Orthopaedic

by Snehal Mehta Medical Professional
Snehal Mehta Innovator Medical Professional
The FREEDOM ® Total Knee System was developed using advanced design engineering technologies and extensive clinical experience to address the anatomical, physiological and lifestyle needs of today’s patients.

The system’s significant design advances allow patients to achieve optimal high-flexion motion regardless of whether the all-poly or metal-backed tibial component is chosen.

It requires minimum bone cutting and enables conservative bone resection. It provides high-flexion and is a USFDA-approved and CE-certified knee implant.

Benefits of Freedom:

A unique “7 radii” high flexion knee implant
One design for full spectrum of flexion
8 sizes for left and right knee

Visit our website to learn more about the product.
Jul 2nd 2019 04:38


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