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Newbie to Apsense

by Sandra Kavouklis
Sandra Kavouklis Innovator  
Hi everyone,

I am new to Apsense and am delighted to be here and join this group of Women In Network.
I am trying to grow my internet "empire" by means of my base business "The Home Income Portal" as well as the addition of two other businesses:

1. An international online dating service for singles - Dating-World and
2. My  newest venture: Residual Wealth Factor.

My website addresses for all three business are listed in my profile here at Apsense.

I also write two blogs at this time and have a third one under construction, while at the same time am developing a Gift Shopping site.  They are:

1. Drasna's Advertising Tips & News
2. Big Bamboo
3. Drasna.info (Great Gifts for the Family)

I look forward to future interaction with all of you.

Feb 29th 2008 10:43
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Debra Diamond Committed  Nutrition & Mobile Marketing
Great idea. How's it coming along?
Mar 16th 2015 13:15   
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