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Interior Designing & Architecture and Design Company India- Customer Journey Experiences

by Aarchi Sharma Brand Design Company
Aarchi Sharma Senior Brand Design Company
Do you have physical premises that your customers may encounter? If so, you are in control of one of the most critical manifestations of your brand. Your brand is simply the impression people have of you. Architecture and Interior Design are utterly critical in forming this impression, dictating a ‘channel’ of your brand mix that is immersive, tangible and multi-sensory.

These brand spaces can deeply impact and engage with our basic human nature, creating emotional responses, and rational thought patterns that influence behaviour for better or worse.

As 360° thinkers and creators, our approach to helping clients create spaces that have the desired impact on their target audiences, is to embed and harmonise the architecture and interior design process within our Research & Insight, strategy development and holistic customer experience design methodologies.

Informed by our Research & Insight and Brand Definition processes, and acting as advocates for our clients’ target audiences – religiously starting from and examining the customer’s point of view – we work collaboratively to ‘storyboard’ the perfect encounter between customer and space. We call this Customer Journey mapping. We overlay other touch-points such as digital interfaces to plot Omni-Channel Journeys as part of this, and harmonise 3D design thinking with other aspects (people, communications, product etc) at each key moment.

This determines the purpose of your valuable spaces in structured and fine detail as a series of required or desired attributes through the customer’s 360° experience. Our world-class teams of architects, interior designers and furniture designers then interpret and creatively express – in line with your defined brand values and personality – the 3D design aspects of the agreed attributes, resulting in the true definition of great interior design & architecture: Spaces that perform their functions brilliantly, while evoking lasting emotional reactions, bonds and impressions that set you apart in the hearts and minds of your customers. That is the true purpose of a brand environment.

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11/12 S B Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai 400013

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