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Where can I get my Laptop Repaired in St.Catharines and Niagara Falls ?

by Johanna Oplion Dean
Johanna Oplion Freshman Dean
My friend was so impressed at Mobile Tech Xpress ! Mobile Tech Xpress is a place to go for computer repair in St.Catharines and is known for repairing almost all electronics. I brouhht my HP Laptop in for a screen repair and was extremely satisfied with the service I was provided with. My device is workingg perfectly now and I was charged a reasonable price. I was also given a 90 day warranty which I am confident they will honor should I run in to any issues. The staff at Mobile Tech Xpress we're friendly, helpful and informative. I felt confident and impressed by the service I received today. I recommend Mobile Tech Xpress to others for computer repairs in St.Catharines.
Jun 11th 2016 17:35


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