Flash Video Tutorials that could save you hours in reading technical books.

by Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson Advanced  
Are you having trouble with learning what to do on cPanel? Maybe, you are using RVSkin? Or, are you a reseller who has customers that are always sending you tickets over the smallest little how-to?

These tutorials will SHOW you how to do different things in your cPanel website.
You will find tutorials that show your customers exactly how to set up emails,
Adding an FTP Account , Adding an Addon Domain, Backing Up Your Website, Changing Your Contact eMail , Creating a Folder , Creating an eMail Address View Tutorial, Password Protecting a Directory , Creating a Cron Tab, Viewing Server Status, Creating a Forwarder, Viewing Your FTP Information, Finding the Home Directory, Setting Up HotLink Protection, Creating a MySQL Database and User, Parking a Domain , Changing your Password, Setting up a Redirection, Uploading a File, Creating a Subdomain, Setting up Redirection for a Subdomain
And, that's just the cPanel!

Imagine, what it means, if you are a webhost, to send your customers to the tutorial, answer their questions, and make money from it - all at the same time!

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Your Flash Video Tutorials
Melissa Thompson
Oct 3rd 2007 00:25


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