Act On Your Dream!

What's your dream?

by John Dilbeck
John Dilbeck Advanced  
A couple of years ago, I stopped everything and spent about a week thinking about what I want to accomplish with the rest of my life.

I asked myself what I would do if I could do anything I wanted and money was no object..

I don't want or need fancy cars, big houses, yachts, beach homes, and all the other traditional trappings of material affluence. I've learned to be comfortable in my own skin and I already do pretty much as I please.

I'm out of debt, have a little money in the bank, own my own business, set my own hours, and live in the mountains of western North Carolina. I'm pretty happy with my life.

I'm a full-time caretaker for my Mom and she's able to live in the home she's lived in for a quarter of a century and not go into a nursing home. If that is the major thing I accomplish, I'll die a satisfied man.

But, if the fates hold off cutting my thread long enough, and if I can find enough people to share my dream, I want to help as many people as I can to find the freedom to live their lives as they choose and to enjoy the same pleasure I've found by living my life on my own terms.

So, I thought of how I could do this.

How can I create something that will ignite the passions and imaginations of people enough to help me help others find their freedom.

I thought a long time on this before I decided what I want to do.

I'm going to build a castle in the mountains of western North Carolina in an area that iis approximately equidistant from Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Asheville.

It will be the first castle built by common people with the purpose of helping others find more freedom. It won't defend against enemies, it will stand as a monument to peace and freedom and will attract enough attention to bring together thousands of us with the goal of helping ourselves and others find more freedom, happiness, and peace.

It's going to take time and a lot of money to do this. It's going to take other people picking up at least a little of the determination I have to help this process along.

Right now, I don't know how to make this happen, but I have full faith that it will happen by setting the idea free and knowing that the universe - and you - will put foundations under this castle I'm building in my imagination.

Why a castle?

Everyone loves the ideas of brave knights, princesses, fair damsels, dragons, and all the other things we've imagined over the years.

I want to tap in to what you've already imagined and dreamed about and help to make it real. I want us to build a place where people can come together away from the crowded cities into the beauty of nature in a spirit of cooperation and helpfulness.

Several people have already told me they want to present seminars to a crowded auditorium and they are imagining - even if just a little - a part of this dream.

Others have said they are ready to help when the project starts moving.

Right now, while you are reading this, you can see in your mind's eye the drawbridge lowering over the moat and the sound of horses' hooves thundering over the oak timbers as the knights in shining armor exit the castle with pennants flying and trumpets sounding.

Where are they going? What are they doing?

Not riding into war!

They are welcoming you and the others with you to come and share what you know about living peacefully together.

What can you share to help someone else? What life lessons have you learned? What do you do now that provides more freedom to you and the people you care about?

We will build this castle, and you will come visit.

I know it.

That's my dream.

Act on your dream!

Sep 8th 2007 14:14

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John Dilbeck Advanced   
Recently, I took another step forward to building Castle Freedom (tm).

I've created a new blog at and I invite you to visit.

This is going to be an exercise in using the Law of Attraction to bring in like-minded people and to develop a system that will lead to building this castle and meeting you when you visit.

Act on your dream!


Nov 2nd 2007 05:08   
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