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What are the Basic Needs for joining an affiliate program .. .???

I am looking for an travel affiliate program in India.. if somebody has to offer, then contact me at
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How many affiliate programs have you ever joined?

Including affiliate programs, referral programs, PTC program, reseller programs, and etc. Can you tell us the rough number? 1 to 10, 10 to 50, 50 to 200, or more than 200 ones
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Where do I upload my follow-up messagein my cpanel?

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How effective is facebook ads?

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Can some one explain how the adds work do use points or pay?

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What does everyone think about buying web traffic?

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How Can I make best use of my ApSense pro upgrade trial opportunity?

Hi, I am a bit lost with the new ApSense 2012 format and the trial upgrade. All my widgets are gone, there are no daily missions etc... Not complaining it LOOKS great, but that is the point; there ar...
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Has anyone had experience with Wowee?

I am considering becoming an affiliate with Wowee and would appreciate any information that would be helpful to me in making my decision.
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