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What are Top 3 most common words in English?

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'Fight for knowledge. Question everything. Welcome 2013 Happy New Year Everyone!!!?

'Fight for knowledge. Question everything. Question me. Find the truth and then take action. You won't get stronger listening to pacifying lies all day.' tchatchoua eric
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Which 1 thing kills a relation?

1. Ego 2. Attitude 3. Misunderstandin­g 4. Doubts 5. Lack of understanding 6. Reminding past mistakes. Or any other reason... Reply frndsss........­ ????
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Are all happy in world ?

hi i am john
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What is your favorite Quote?

I will start. "Never Wish Life Were easier wish that you were better" - Jim Rohn
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How to get credits quickly?

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Which is your utmost daily use website? and why?

1facebook, 2twitter,3google,4yahoo,5 msn?
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Do you get Skype calls from Program System Maintenance or similar names?

And what do you do about them?
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How to earn money with apsense?

if any one knows that plz tell me.
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What do you like most in APSENSE?

Tell us in a word for what do you like most in apsense!
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