Why java Course is popular?

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Java Course


Mona Singh Innovator  Writer
Designed in a flexible and user-friendly demeanor, Java is the most commonly used programming language for the creation of web applications and platform. It allows developers to “write once, run anywhere” (WORA). It is general-purpose, a high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystem. Initially known as an OAK, Java source code documents are aggregated into a format called BYTECODE which can keep running on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The prevalent programming dialect Java is like C++. Today, this universally useful programming dialect with various elements makes the language well suited on the WWW.
Jan 8th 2018 08:24   
Shravani Reddy Freshman   staff author
because its a user friendly for back end functionality.
Jan 8th 2018 10:55   
Sneha Tiwari Innovator  Content Writer, Blogger, SEO Expert
Because you see Java was developed for the ovens, etc. But due to its incredible features, it evolved the Internet. Moreover, the web gets secured by the use of Java language. It is robust and on the top of that, it is platform & machine independent which is the best feature that makes people learn Java and hence the courses are popular.

This is the very basic answer for anyone to understand. Hope it helps..
Jan 8th 2018 11:13   
Silky Rani Advanced  Marketing Executive
Java popular is that it's an Object Oriented Programming language. Developing OOPS application is much easier, and it also helps to keep system modular, flexible and extensible.
Jan 9th 2018 00:12   
Toufic Sabbagh Freshman  leading Lebanese bank
Java is one of the most widely adopted programming languages, used by some 9 million developers and running on 7 billion devices worldwide.
Jan 9th 2018 01:12   
Visual House Junior  Video & Film Production House
java is pure oops laungage and most secure language.
Jan 9th 2018 01:46   
Irfan Bajwa, Broker Freshman  Residential Real Estate Broker
its a user friendly for back end functionality and very secure.
Jan 10th 2018 06:22   
Mykart99 Trading Freshman  mykart99 Trading Services
Java is platform independent language. That's why its called "writes once, run anywhere".
Jan 10th 2018 22:57   
Janifer W. Professional   Manager Web Development Core
Now a days it is popular because of Android and almost all android apps are built in Java.
Jan 13th 2018 02:46   
World Wide College Advanced  Study Abroad Consultants in India
now a days java is on demand
Feb 16th 2018 00:32   
361 Online Junior  361online
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Feb 12th 2019 06:25   
Raps Smith Innovator  World Class Software Solutions
There are so many reasons to opt for Java language, but here i would like to describe few important ones.

Object oriented: Java endorses OOPs features and is an object oriented language.

Security: Java is very secure because of its static type checking and run time checking.

Garbage Collection: It automatically manages garbage collection, besides this it supports more features such as multithreading, platform independent, portable, high performance and much more.
All these reasons mention above make this language my favorite and others too. Many software development company such as Chetu offers custom Java development solutions for different business solutions.

Java is very popular course among programmers because it is most adopted language in software development company because of its highly performance and due to this reason Java programmers get high salary Hence Java course is very popular.
Mar 1st 2019 09:43   
Mahi Yoga Freshman  Best yoga teacher training school in India
Because almost Android apps are developed in Java and its a user-friendly for back end functionality.
May 22nd 2019 03:16   
World Economy Advanced  Newspapers
Both Java and Python are object-oriented programming languages that can be used for website or web-based application development process.
Apr 30th 2020 03:37   
Azhar Ahmad Magnate I  Admin Executive & SEO Executive
now a days java is on demand
Jul 10th 2020 00:18   
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