Why i can not upload video ?

Asked by Akbar A., in Self Improvement
Yesterday i wanted to upload a video here on home page but it could not why ?


Mikel Clarkk Freshman  Guest Poster
its website policy, very simple!
May 12th 2019 15:50   
James Boond Innovator  software
vedio uploaded function is not available
May 13th 2019 01:10   
Angel Haley Senior   mobile massage london
Because video has more space So, website taking more time for opening on browser for this purapose they provide only link for video submission.
May 13th 2019 02:12   
Akbar A. Senior  teacher
But James Boond then why they say upload your favorite video and earn credits ?
May 13th 2019 02:43   
Akbar A. Senior  teacher
But Angel Haley on providing only link they say you have not completed your mission
May 13th 2019 02:46   
Business Consultant Senior   Digital Agency
its website policy, very simple!
May 13th 2019 05:09   
Akbar A. Senior  teacher
Business Consultant then why they say post a video ?
May 13th 2019 06:35   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
UPLOAD video??? Here at APSense? :-O
May 14th 2019 01:18   
Akbar A. Senior  teacher
Yes Rob aka Cerberus here it was Daily mission to upload your favorite video on home page (APSense ) and get credits
May 14th 2019 03:18   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
You were required to "Attach a Video" and to post it to the Status Wall. APSense does not store videos, so there is no way to UPLOAD one. :-)
May 14th 2019 18:18   
Akbar A. Senior  teacher
Rob aka Cerberus i was attaching but it could not therefore i asked
May 14th 2019 18:22   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
I don't know then. Wrong or unsupported URL maybe. :-/
May 14th 2019 18:25   
Akbar A. Senior  teacher
Violette Violette Scarlette I do not have even $1
May 15th 2019 04:03   
Evan Joe Advanced  Manager
find answer at youtube
May 15th 2019 22:04   
James Boond Innovator  software
its website policy,very simple
May 16th 2019 00:41   
Maria Johnsonrose Senior   Product and Digital Marketer
I think internet speed was slow or not supported url you had put on the field...
May 16th 2019 02:20   
Akbar A. Senior  teacher
But Maria Johnsonrose i had tried many things many times
May 16th 2019 03:03   
Sandeep Kumar Committed  Digital Marketing
Video uploading option is not available. You can only attach video through URL
May 17th 2019 07:56   
Akbar A. Senior  teacher
yes SK but it could not complete daily mission
May 17th 2019 15:28   
Arsalan N. Senior  Internet Researcher, Blogger
its website policy, very simple!
May 20th 2019 02:12   
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