Who is the best SEO Techniques?

Asked by Ravi Dutt Sharma, in Affiliate Marketing
Hello Everyone, I want to know about who is the best SEO and Digital Marketing techniques in 2018?


Sanjay Dun Advanced  Web Design and Development Company
For ranking on google top10 pages Do Guest post on SSL certified and Good DA site
Mar 19th 2018 05:39   
William Clinkscales Magnate I   DB Developer/Tech, Affiliate IM
If you have a WordPress site?...

Use SyndRanker .

This plugin helps automate what WordPress SEO experts do to get their pages and posts indexed by Google ultra-fast. We are talking seconds..
Mar 19th 2018 09:43   
Vasu M. Junior  Consultant
Content is King And Backlink Is Queen.
Mar 19th 2018 16:37   
Shailly Thomas Senior   Delon Beauty Product
forum posting,guest post ,blog commenting,social bookmarking,directory submission
Mar 20th 2018 02:02   
Area Delegate Junior  Area19Delegate | Write For US
Guest Post and profile creation
Mar 20th 2018 02:16   
Customer Service Phone Number Freshman  Customer Service Phone Number
Quality work is very important.
Mar 20th 2018 03:29   
Ente G. Advanced  LED lighting for sale
Make yourself as a normal people , write articles and take the articles to other people and let them see this .
Mar 20th 2018 05:03   
W2s Solutions Senior  Mobile Application Development Company
Guest post, Web 2.0, info graphics, Press Release, Forum discussion, Social media sharing
Mar 20th 2018 07:22   
Bruce F. Senior   Entrepreneur
Online I respect and follow; Neil Patel - neilpatel*com & Brian Dean - backlinko*com .
You should take the free SEO training at; udemy*com/whiteboard-seo/
Mar 21st 2018 15:34   
Karl Hades Senior  Norton Customer Care
Unique content post in sites.
Mar 22nd 2018 01:16   
Jeycy Jonson Professional  Nice Beautiful Nature
On Page and off page is best techniques, you can grow your website traffic.
Mar 22nd 2018 06:25   
Lamps Centre Innovator  Projector Lamp & Bulb Manufacturer and suppliers
Guest post, Infographics, Increase voice search, Increase Image search
Mar 23rd 2018 00:25   
Surti Swad Junior  Caterer in Loughborough
Guest post, Infographics, Increase voice search, Increase Image search.
Mar 23rd 2018 05:42   
Nicholas A. Junior  Digital Marketer
I believe the methods to focus on are:

- On-page SEO
--> Website architecture ( organize your website proberly )
--> Relevant content ( imagine a human reading your article - you want anyone that reads your article to remember your main topic when finishing the article - that's how a search engine would work )

- Offpage SEO
--> Guest Posting on relevant blogs
--> Related Forums
--> Q&A
Mar 24th 2018 19:47   
Fastpayee App Advanced  Fastpayee - Online Invoice software Generator
On Page and off page activities like Forum Posting Guest post, Infographics and article posting, Web 2.0, Q&A and social media sharing
Mar 28th 2018 06:34   
Lokeshvari Mistry Advanced  SEO|Blogger|SMO Specialist
Guest post and On page factors
Dec 11th 2018 04:19   
Shashank Sharma Advanced   Owner
- High quality content
- Relevant backlink
Mar 4th 2019 00:37   
Tartan Kilt Freshman  every color will shine when you have an eye to see
Onpage SEO is the best technique for your organic traffic after that you can do your offpage seo that includes blogs, guest posts, forum posts or submission of urls
May 11th 2019 00:46   
Duc Messi Junior  manager
great backlink and amazing content
May 20th 2019 01:03   
alex donvour Advanced  Economic consultant
- Provide good articles with unique content.
- Focus on optimizing your on-page SEO in terms of (page speed-internal links- good quality images- schema) I suggest using Yoast to help you.
- Acquire quality backlinks from relevant sites to your niche.
- keep track on your progress with Google Search Console.
- Work on providing AMP version for your pages.
- Don't over optimize your content, or you'll risk getting penalized.
- Use social media as a mean to get social signals, this could help to generate traffic, therefore, helps with ranking.
Jun 27th 2019 09:52   
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