Who is colour mixing about in Orange colour...?

Asked by Ramesh Mukhiya, in Arts & Crafts


Jonny T. Professional   Webmaster and Traffic Generator
RED and YELLOW mixed generally make Orange.
Jun 9th 2015 06:53   
Sino Tour Advanced  adventure tourism and outdoor activities in Azerba
When we mixed yellow and red then it becomes orange.
Jun 10th 2015 01:04   
Arshad Sadiq Innovator  Writer
Orange is a secondary color created by mixing the primary colors of red and yellow.
Jun 10th 2015 01:55   
Ramesh Mukhiya Senior  seo executive
yes' all the right answer in my que.. Thank's
Jun 10th 2015 04:21   
Jenna H. Advanced  Believe in self making than self exploring
Right ! Yellow is not a primary color but.
Jun 16th 2015 02:45   
Crafts Venue Advanced    ***
You mix red and yellow colour to get orange colour.
Jun 27th 2015 00:38   
Crafts Venue Advanced    ***
RED and YELLOW mixed generally make Orange.
Sep 1st 2015 00:19   
Brahim A. Professional Pro   @baghzaf
the blank color useful and well hormonie will rise
Aug 9th 2016 08:27   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
Orange is the colour between red and yellow on the spectrum of light. Its name is derived from the fruit orange.
Aug 9th 2016 08:42    Edited in May 14th 2017 14:38
Edita C. Professional   Networker
Red and yellow give orange. It deppends on the tone, you can add more red or more yellow.
Oct 13th 2016 15:36   
Joseph Doyle Committed   Executive Team Leader
Red and Yellow ~ Try using watercolour ~ in tubes ~ you can achieve ~ orange tones ~or red tones just by adding more water on a sheet of not-pressed ~ special watercolour paper, ~ you will find both in any good ART suppliers.
Start by squeezing a tiny amount of both paints on a white plate, and use as a palate, on a second plate add a drop of clear water using a Rigger paint brush ~ dip the brush in the yellow paint and apply to the water, then add much less red paint, as this is more dominant and will overpower the effect you want to achieve, spread the paint on the palate plate and mix both paints with the Rigger brush, by adding more water you will observe the intensity of the colour on the plate and will have an idea of what your colour will be like when you apply the mixed paint to the watercolour paper, first paint a block of colour, leave to dry, go back to the mixer paint and add more water, then make another box of colour, you will observer the first box will have started to dry and you will then decide as you progress, the brightness and strength of colour you like.
May 14th 2017 09:06   
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