Which one is the best mobile phone brand?

Asked by Djamila Daher, in Technology
Oppo or Lenovo


Security Guards Company Advanced  Security Services in London
in my opinion, lenovo is the best brand
Mar 20th 2017 12:25   
Kerry Liu Freshman  buyshoesclothes
iphone is the best brand
Mar 20th 2017 21:05   
Jesse Kevin Junior  Glass Coatings
I am using lenovo and I am satisfied.
Mar 20th 2017 22:59   
Cathy Karuga Innovator  women designer clothes
My point of view micromax is the best mobile brand because its very cheap as well as very good to use..........
Mar 21st 2017 00:11   
CATA India Advanced  Manufacturer
Smasung, Apple, MI, VIVO
Mar 21st 2017 01:33   
Rob H. Innovator  Cut Price Skips
One Plus 3T.........
Mar 21st 2017 02:52   
Shawn Frank Innovator  Expert Web Developer
I am using Xiaomi and I am satisfied.
Mar 21st 2017 05:06   
Addison Garcia Freshman  Seymore Law Firm
Smasung J7, HTC, T Mobile
Mar 21st 2017 05:11   
Djamila Daher Advanced  Photographer
Thanx to all of you for telling me
Mar 21st 2017 06:25   
Summer Lili Advanced  Störsender/Signal Störgerät bei SKYLISHOP Kaufen
Iphone is the best brand I think
Mar 21st 2017 06:41   
Steven A. Donaldson Magnate III Premium Native speaking English teacher
I have tried all

Nothing better than iphone
Mar 22nd 2017 00:57   
Mahi Sheth Freshman  HR Manager
Lenovo is the better than Oppo
Mar 22nd 2017 04:21   
Mobile Anesthesia Freshman  Mobile Anesthesia Service Concepts
One Plus is the best mobile phone brand
Mar 22nd 2017 04:45   
learn-littlE earn-easy Advanced   ECoNOMIST
samsung andriod all types are best from my point of view
Mar 22nd 2017 04:51   
James W. Senior   employer
In my opinion iphone is the best brand
Mar 22nd 2017 06:36   
Rajiv Pratap Singh Advanced  Digital Marketing Expert
iPhone is the One of best Brand
Mar 22nd 2017 14:33   
Eleanore Ning Advanced  Research Report
I think Huawei is the one of best brand
Mar 23rd 2017 00:48   
Webisdom Company Senior  Digital Marketing Company In India
In my opinion sony is best
Mar 23rd 2017 02:10   
Art A. Professional  Affiliate Marketer
I would have to say Samsung
Mar 23rd 2017 14:25   
Vin Sol Advanced  Spree Commerce
best brand in mobile phone is HTC
Mar 24th 2017 07:18   
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