Which one is better SEO or PPC?

Asked by Marry J. Hill, in Internet & eBusiness

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Dammi S. Freshman  Tech Writer, Content Manager
SEO I guess, cause there we don't need to pay for it.
Aug 17th 2017 10:16 


Dammi S. Freshman  Tech Writer, Content Manager
SEO I guess, cause there we don't need to pay for it.
Aug 17th 2017 10:16   
ABHISHEK DWIVEDI Junior  Printer Support
we can't compare between SEO and PPC .....both are imp. ............if u want ur product reach a large number of customers in a short time then u can run with ppc........and other hand SEO is long lasting takes a long time to give u result but this will give u result forever and generate traffic for ur WS.
Aug 17th 2017 11:41   
PSMR Industry Innovator  Web Marketing
SEO and PPC both are important.
Aug 17th 2017 18:27   
Salim Khan Advanced   SEO,SMO,SEM,Link building,Website Traffic
Organic traffic always improve your I will suggest SEO But if you need instant Result you can use Google Adwords.
Aug 17th 2017 21:58   
Veronica Smith Advanced  WebHosting & Cloud Service Provider
If you want to get instant results then PPC otherwise SEO. SEO gives you long term results and lets your website visible whenever a relevant search happens on search engine.
Aug 18th 2017 00:11   
ZenTen Media Advanced  Zenten Media
I think Seo is better than ppc.
Aug 18th 2017 01:05   
Anubhav Yadav Professional   Digital Marketing
Both are Important at there place SEO and PPC
Aug 18th 2017 01:57   
10 Seos Senior  Rankings And Reviews For Best SEO Companies And Se
Several factors go into deciding if SEO or PPC is right for you. Ideally, your long-term web strategy should include SEO, even if you choose to start with PPC.
Aug 18th 2017 02:09   
Plaza Cutlery Freshman  Best Cutlery Brands
SEO is better than PPC
Aug 18th 2017 02:12   
Richard Mrax Freshman  Crusher Machine
SEO is not spending money, PPC is to spend money, if the funds are abundant, it is recommended to do two together.
Aug 18th 2017 03:14   
Gautam Kumar Freshman  Freelancer - Digital Marketing Expert
Obviously SEO. SEO gives you a long term benefit while PPC gives you instant benefit.
Aug 18th 2017 03:27   
Chandan Puri Magnate III Pro   Owner
obviously seo is better than ppc.
Aug 18th 2017 04:49   
Marry Jorge Freshman  Printertechservice
seo is better than ppc.
Aug 18th 2017 04:51   
Adam Noah Innovator   Best Plantar Fasciitis Compression Sock- Physixgea
SEO is better than PPC.
Aug 18th 2017 04:54   
The Signature Leaf Junior  The Signature Leaf - Guest House Near Sohna Road G
SEO is for long term results and PPC is for Instant Results
Aug 18th 2017 05:17   
Pham T. Advanced  máy xay cà phê
tôi nghĩ Seo sẽ tốt hơn vì sẽ khong phải trả phí
Aug 18th 2017 05:24   
Tripti Raheja Junior  Gynecologist Doctor
seo is the best for organic search.
Aug 18th 2017 05:37   
Siva Rajan Advanced  Marketing Executive
For my opinion Seo is better for all time
Aug 18th 2017 07:04   
Lalita Suri Advanced  Education Consultants in Mumbai
Yes both seo and ppc important which help your website to get more traffic and good RTI
Aug 18th 2017 07:08   
Endeavour Africa Advanced   BUSINESS SOLUTIONS
When combined, PPC and SEO can be quite powerful. Ask yourself these three questions and determine the optimal mix of PPC and SEO for your website.
Aug 18th 2017 07:21   
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