Which car make your favorite ?

Asked by Nancy Wang, in Automotive
i want to buy a car , but i don't know which make to choose , hope someone can give me some suggestions , Thank u in advance .


CG Guy Advanced   Engeneer
Audi A3, my preference
Aug 13th 2015 21:13   
Jill Elliott Advanced  Web Design and Development
it's depend on your budget. but my preference "Duster"
Aug 14th 2015 06:18   
Bruno Prata Innovator  Web Designer
Ferrari. Definitely.
Aug 17th 2015 11:36   
Trevor Brown Advanced   business man
BMW the car that reliable
Oct 11th 2015 09:38   
Sylvia Guillemette Senior  Publisher, Advertiser, Writer
Let me make a few suggestions, as everyone has their own preferences to which car they like. If you know what you need it for, keep that foremost in your mind or write it down when you go to look. Write down what you can afford to spend monthly on the vehicle and then check with the insurance company to get a quote. Anything you test drive, get the VIN (vehicle identification number) from the car, call the dealer service dept of the vehicle maker to check for any recalls and service record (has it had good repair service). If you are not a car person, take someone who is a mechanic with you and have them look it over to make sure you will not be buying "someone else's problems". There is also this service that helps you find a loan for a car if you decide you need to make car payments, it's called JDByRider. You can look it up online or call them at (203) 443-5400 to ask them questions. I wish you luck in your car buying experience. :D
Jan 8th 2016 18:15   
Dickens Ben Senior  Motorcycle Vests Houston
AUDI 3 is my first choice.
Feb 11th 2016 06:29   
Zoran J. Advanced   SFI BTL
Quality and value for money- Ford or Toyota, the model of your choice and opportunities
Jul 1st 2016 13:42   
AM PM Appliance Repair Junior  AM PM Appliance Repair
Ferrari & BMW my favorite cars........
Aug 4th 2016 00:45   
Bernd Helmke Innovator  BMW repair
Audi 6 my favorite cars..
Sep 2nd 2016 07:06   
Subham M. Advanced  Digital Marketing
A Red Ferrari or Atleast a Proche
Sep 6th 2016 02:53   
MR. S Murphy Innovator  Business man
Ferrari is my favourite.
Sep 13th 2016 04:50   
Hicks Plumbing Services Fairfax Junior  Fairfax VA Plumber
BMW and Ferrari my favorite cars
Nov 5th 2016 00:35   
Sylvia Guillemette Senior  Publisher, Advertiser, Writer
Ford Taurus. I really enjoyed my wagon. Didn't have to spend a lot to keep it up and running. It was reliable, started every morning, and was able to get and keep really good gas mileage - even in the high mileage zone. :)
Nov 14th 2016 14:32   
D&A 24/7 Locksmiths Brooklyn Junior  24 Hour Locksmith Brooklyn NY
BMW AND AUDI 3 is my first choice
Nov 16th 2016 00:08   
Ashish Sangai Junior  Hire Expert freelancers at
Audi & Ferrari is my 1st choice
Nov 19th 2016 05:39   
Yusnaidi Yusoff Advanced  Quantity Surveyor
bugati veyron was my fifth choice...but still ok..
Dec 26th 2016 06:02   
Robert Hebel Magnate I   Website Owner
Chevy Truck but then I have a few others like the 66 Chevy Impala 69 Chevelle SS love the older Cars
Jan 21st 2017 10:57   
One-Call Flower Delivery Dallas Junior  Florist
Ferrari is my favourite. .......
Feb 10th 2017 03:33   
Cheap Car Insurance Agency Innovator  Cheap Car Insurance Agency
Audi A3 my favorite car
Feb 17th 2017 01:56   
Petko Kishev Professional  Folklor manager
Porsche Panamera 4 Executive! 243 kW (330 hp) at 5,400 - 6,400
Acceleration from 0 - 100 km/h 5.6 s (5.4 s with Sport Chrono Package)
Top speed 262 km/h
Fuel Consumption/Emissions* Combined in l/100 km 7.9 - 7.8
CO2 emissions in g/km 180 - 178
Jul 7th 2017 17:17   
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