What's the Best Affiliate Marketing Program To Start With?

Asked by Neha, in Affiliate Marketing
What's the Best Affiliate Marketing Program To Start With?


Franto Hruz Magnate I   Offer Value - Build a Team
Get yourself a ClickBank ID and I will show you how to get started promoting a whole list of CB products ... ok?
Feb 23rd 2017 01:16   
Dave Hayes Senior   Affiliate Marketing specialist
What a great question and a good answer from Franto.

Now there is nothing wrong with Clickbank at all, has a great selection of digital products, which pay good commissions, all on the front end

What do I mean by that? ~ Well Clickbank is what is called a Low Ticket affiliate marketing model, which means that you only get paid once from any sales that you make, to make those sales you have to work incredibly hard

Now compare that to a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing model.

This is one that pays you a front end commission on a low cost educational product such as an ebook or similar.

From the upsells that occur from the sale of that ebook, these are known as back end sales and can pay you anywwhere from $10,000 up to in excess of $100,000. These require work, but, no where near as much as you need with say the Clickbank products

Now for anyone coming online, to start a new venture, they are looking for income that is at least equal to their current job and Affiliate Marketing is the first place they usually end up in. the vast majority in the low ticket sector

They then end up working really hard, for the first 90 days, only to find that their commissions amount to a few hundred dollars at best. This then leads to dissilusionment and for many they stop marketing online totally, claiming it is 'crap'

However with the High Ticket model, all this is negated, because the commissions earned are far greater

Having experienced both during my time online, I started with Low Ticket back in the day, before progressing to High Ticket... I know which model I prefer and which is easier to earn money in.

The other major upside to High Ticket affiliate marketing is this... You have no need to refer, recruit, or sponsor to earn money.

Hope this helps and is just my opinion based on vast experience : )
Feb 23rd 2017 03:19   
Herbert Miller Freshman
Here are 2 affiliate programs for beginners.

The Amazon Associates
Share A Sale
Feb 23rd 2017 06:14   
Stephanie Goodrich Freshman  The Best VPN Service
Very useful information sharing about affiliate marketing .
Feb 23rd 2017 07:01   
Noel Fay Advanced  Part Time Eauntapeaur
SFI(strong future international). It is in operation for 19th years now. You can build a full or pat-time income.
Feb 23rd 2017 09:57   
Dee Tee Magnate III  NaijaStore.Net
Hmm Interesting question.. Simply inbox me..
Feb 23rd 2017 13:11   
Petrus S. Committed   Webmaster
If you’re stepping into the blogging (content creation) scene with the idea of making money, then somewhere along the line, you are going to need to pick an affiliate program to partner with.

If you’re blogging but haven’t yet decided to use it as an income, I advise you to (at least) read this blog post to see what’s possible. You might be leaving a lot of money on the table if you have a blog that gets readers but is not yet monetized

Anyway, the idea here is to help you understand how to monetize and today I’ve compiled a list for you that according to me, through personal experiences, I think are the best 4 affiliate programs for beginners.
Feb 23rd 2017 16:52   
Thu Ha Innovator  thu
Very useful information sharing about affiliate marketing
Feb 24th 2017 02:36   
Boyan Minchev Advanced  blogger
Best affiliate website for this moment is ClickBank.
Feb 24th 2017 07:15   
Peter C. Professional  Marketing Consultant
Amazon and clickbank are my favorite and they alway pay on time
Feb 25th 2017 01:13   
Subhash Padmanabhan Senior  internet marketer
amazon and clickbank.but for a residual in come work with global.quickinfo247 also
Feb 25th 2017 01:40   
Carol Adams Advanced  Financial Adviser
If you have a content rich website then there are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs and affiliate networks available on the web that can make you a fortune.
Feb 25th 2017 04:40   
Joseph Grant Junior  CRO | Ghost Writer
Amazon and Clickbank are the best affiliate marketing programs.
Feb 26th 2017 09:28   
Lisa E. Committed   Affiliate Marketer/Writer
I think that it depends on where you see yourself as a brand. What is that you love? And then go from there. There are a lot of programs that work but if you are not passionate about that product or service then you may be dead in the water, The affiliate marketing game is tough at times. Good Luck.
Feb 26th 2017 12:05   
Hudson Mckenzie Advanced  Lawyers and Solicitors who understand you
You should start with amazon associates...
A best affiliate program for newbies.
Feb 27th 2017 01:06   
Sickey Digital Freshman  Digital Marketing Agency New Delhi
Amazon Associates will be good for you.
Feb 27th 2017 04:25   
Digi SMM Junior  Social Media Marketing
amazon is superb for affiliates.
Feb 28th 2017 03:52   
Medilift Air Ambulance Services Senior  Medilift
online shopping site are the best option for this
Mar 3rd 2017 01:59   
Viktor(Buratino) Z. Magnate I   School of eBusiness
Grab world first official cryptocurrency for advertising world
Mar 4th 2017 05:10   
The Cathedral Vidya School Freshman  The Cathedral Vidya School
e-Commerce websites are good option for affiliate marketing. Select category which give highest selling ratio.
Mar 6th 2017 01:31   
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