What is the first thing you look for when you buy a Mobile phone?

Asked by INDRAJEET SINGH CHAUHAN, in Automotive


THIRD COAST AUTO GROUP Junior  Used Cars Austin Texas No Credit Check Austin Used
How many Gig download speed and size of screen.
Oct 24th 2014 09:53   
sudhansu sekhar dubey Committed   Web designer & Developer
The First thing should be it's Battery Back up
Nov 19th 2014 05:59   
Kirt Ray Professional   Network Marketer!!! Here To Help Change People's
yes I agree it is very important to get a mobile phone with back up battery, screen size, and of course the price of the phone.
Dec 13th 2014 00:03   
Ron Spencer Innovator  Coach / Mentor
Make sure the phone is durable
Dec 20th 2014 13:40   
David Liu Advanced   Chemical Fertilizer manufacturer
i do mind the brand, and then quality
Jan 9th 2015 23:52   
Amit K. Tycoon I   eBusiness & Marketing
I avoid to buy low quality china mobile. i like ti buy branded phone for me
Jan 10th 2015 01:43   
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