What is major part of Social Media Marketing?

Asked by Vijay Kumar Yadav, in Internet & eBusiness
What is a basic component of social media marketing? How many types of social media marketing platform? What is the main effective traffic platform for organic or paid marketing?


Butch Hamilton Advanced   Wildcat SEO Service
Social media marketing simply means interacting with others who possess some type of common thread. Too often on social media, as well as the web, there is a tendency to just advertise, promote, and hound people into submission. I have found it much more effective to take the time and make the effort to develop strong relationships online BEFORE selling anything at all.
Aug 5th 2018 06:54   
Lesans Alexander Freshman  Cereus is focused on providing IT Strategy Consult
Facebook is one most major part of Social Media Marketing.
Aug 6th 2018 08:49   
On Vent Senior   Profitable Online Ventures
If you do social media marketing the right way, you can take your offers viral by having a constant flow of new prospects being the active promoters ...
Aug 6th 2018 21:15   
Raunak Chauhan Freshman  Internet Marketing
Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin is the major part
Aug 8th 2018 06:18   
Le Nhi Advanced  Marketer
Facebook, Zalo, Amazon, Adwords, SEO, Brand
Aug 9th 2018 00:20   
webetric technology Junior  A mind of creativity
how to attract visitor through your post on your site.
Aug 9th 2018 03:27   
Ikyam UAE Junior  ikyamuae
Social media will play major role in promoting your business now a days. If a business want to success, those business has to active in top social media channels like FB, twitter, G+ & Linkedin.
Aug 10th 2018 00:59   
health c. Freshman  doctor
Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin, Linkhay
Aug 11th 2018 02:54   
SOL Brand Solutions Advanced  Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Mumbai
The content is the major part in the Social Media Marketing. Yes, you need to use such words that attract more users and also keep them coming back again and again. Be creative; there are lots of ways to continue engaging users on social media. For this, the continuously online presence is very important. So, it’s a second thing that you need to consider.
Aug 11th 2018 03:21   
R. Weatherly Magnate I   Business Professional
Hello Vijay Kumar Yadav,
Social media is about connecting and sharing with friends.
Aug 21st 2018 08:40   
Dominique V. Advanced  King Promotions
Check out this page and search for kingpromotions thank me later.
Dec 5th 2018 03:05   
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