What have you learned from life?

Asked by Mike G., in Others


Jack Vorster Advanced   Writer
That life is but a vapour and in that short time we need to find our purpose.
Aug 28th 2013 03:15   
Nghia Vohoang Advanced  Bachelor of Chemistry
love and hate and know forgive errors
Aug 28th 2013 04:50   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Jack and Nghia, love the share thanks.
Aug 28th 2013 09:24   
Chuks Okonta Professional   Internet marketer
To do good to others even though they do you bad.
Aug 28th 2013 11:13   
Ali T. Committed   Work at Home
Life constantly teaches you! Be focused on the right Path whatever the consequences you face!
Aug 28th 2013 11:19   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Chuks, thanks for the share.
Aug 28th 2013 11:27   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Ali, so true I have as of late let people upset me thinking logic will bring order but I have to do as you say move on...second time I heard that Cindy was the first.
Aug 28th 2013 11:30   
Hop Trieusung Magnate III   Welcome to new marketer
many espects I have leaned escially in humamity HAAAA
Aug 28th 2013 11:32   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Hop, humanity is one of the best places to learn from, after we are the future teachers.
Aug 28th 2013 11:37   
Michael G. Advanced  Internet marketing & eBusiness
Detachment from the five passions of the mind(anger,lust,greed,vanity & attachment)
is the surest route to self discipline.
Aug 30th 2013 07:31   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Michael, I don't want to know how you do that I enjoy just a pinch of each...I feel it is how I succeed. I know I'm wrong but I just do.
Aug 30th 2013 12:30   
Terry Warner Professional   My Leads Call Me
That life on this earth will pay you EXACTLY what you are worth and not one penny more. You are the CEO of your life.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain; and most fools do." Anonymous

"The only thing for certain is that nothing is for sure." TFW ;)
Aug 31st 2013 06:21   
Nghia Vohoang Advanced  Bachelor of Chemistry
Hi, Mike G. NICE for comment . with kind regards
Aug 31st 2013 06:33   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Terry, I appreciate your time and wonderful efforts.

Nghia, I thank you for sharing!
Aug 31st 2013 07:15   
Leslie Banks Magnate II  Founder Member
Still living & learning just now Mike... but when I eventually finish/expire or whatever... maybe we can meet up and share on a domain or two :) Either way it will be all too short.
Aug 31st 2013 07:29    Edited in Aug 31st 2013 07:30
Diwiyne Johnson Senior  Internet Marketing Expert
yea I always learn from my life
Aug 31st 2013 07:31   
Ron Stewart Advanced   Ecommerce Store Designers
Life is a teacher, it teaches you everything through experiments.
Aug 31st 2013 07:51   
Sharmila Parte Senior  Learn to earn money from the comfort of your home
Life is Beautiful. Make the most of it.
Aug 31st 2013 07:56   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Thanks diwiyne, Ron and Sharmila for your shares.
Aug 31st 2013 08:03   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Leslie, I think I want to live forever!
Aug 31st 2013 08:05   
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